Sunday, 24 January 2010

The new Belmont film podcast!!!

"They're here, they're here already. You're next, You're next".

Yes, Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode, watch your back as the pod people are here... in the form of Colin, Lynsey and myself (Dallas) from The Belmont.
We are recording a brand new weekly podcast , tentatively called Podfellas: Apodcalypse Now, where we discuss all sorts of topics from the world of cinema.
The first episode is online now and you can listen to us discuss the results of the Golden Globes.
You can download or listen to the podcast at the link above, or it is now online at Itunes where you can subscribe to automatically receive the new episodes on a weekly basis.

A major thank you to John from The Kiosque website for hosting our podcast.
Next week we review A PROPHET and discuss the boom in foreign language films.

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