Monday, 3 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 229

283 - Ran - 2 stars
It was a shock to see a Kurosawa film in colour, as every other film I've seen was filmed in black and white. And Kurosawa makes full use of it, filling every inch of the screen with bursting colour, whether it is the lush green landscapes or the beautiful costumes.
Kurosawa takes on The Bard in his own story based on King Lear, as an ageing tyrant instigates war, betrayal and heartache by choosing one of his three sons to succeed him.
Perhaps it was the theatrical style of the production (in particular the acting) but I couldn't really connect to the film as deeply as I had with other Kurosawa films (High And Low for example).

Days remaining - 136 Films remaining - 165

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