Sunday, 9 May 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 234

146 - Shampoo - 3 stars
Who else but Warren Beatty could have played a hairdresser who shags his way through half the woman in L.A. during the run up to Nixon's election?
He doesn't discriminate as he sleeps with aspiring actresses, politician's wives, from Goldie Hawn to Julie Christie to a young pre-Star Wars Carrie Fisher, and gets away with it all because he is oh so charming and the husbands all think that he is gay because he is a hairdresser.
However one particular night it all begins to unravel for him as Joey from Friends said "You've got to think about the trail!".
The film is a comment on the time period as well, as Beatty's character is initially unrepentent over his actions and the pain he causes his girlfriend, arguing that it is just who he is... a shagger. Only when he loses everything does he finally see the error of his ways.

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