Wednesday, 22 September 2010

I'm quivering with an-tic-i-pation

With (500) Films of Empire now a distant memory, I now have only new films to focus my attention on.
But with 2010 so far proving a less-than-stellar year so far in terms of quality, what is there left to get excited about (especially since most of the great stuff being featured at the upcoming LFF isn't released until 2011).

1. Black Swan - I'm in New York during December and will use that opportunity to see this gorgeous looking film that was the talk of Venice.
2. The Social Network - Fincher tells the story behind Facebook. Like.
3. Let Me In - well my feelings on that are here
4. Back To The Future - Yep, this year is so bad that one of my highlights is a film that is 25 years old!
5. Buried - 94 minutes of Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin that doesn't resort to flashbacks or dream sequences to escapes the confines of the space. Excited.

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