Thursday, 31 December 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 107 - A trip to Paris, Texas

It is Hogmanay ans this will be the last film reviewed in 2009, and how did it end, not with a bang but a whimper...

392 - Paris, Texas - 2 stars
A Belmont staff favourite but for me, my response was a bit... meh.
Harry Dean Stanton plays Travis, a man who has disappeared for four years, who reappears on the Mexican border looking to reconnect with his son and find his missing wife, with the hope of redemption in the form of an empty plot of land in Paris, Texas.
I have only seen Stanton in Alien, and he was pretty non-communicative in that, so it was interesting to see his character develop and open up through the course of the film, up to the important confession scene where he reveals to his wife why he disappeared, albeit through the mirrored glass of a nudie booth. It was this scene that saved the film from being a total disappointment for me.
Like Travis is unable to connect to his family, I was unable to emotionally connect with the characters, and thus the film left me cold. My disinterest in the film aside, Wenders did create a beautiful colour pallete for the film, with vivid blues, golds, greens and the pink of Kinksi's dress when we first meet her.

Right I'm off out to celebrate the start of 2010, which will hopefully be better than 2009. Happy New Year to everyone who is reading the blog, thanks for sticking with me.

Days remaining - 258 Films remaining - 345

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