Thursday, 17 December 2009

Top Ten of 2009

2009 is nearly at an end and time to give my opinion on the best films of the year. The following list is a Spinal Tap list, in that this one goes to 11. I tried very hard to limit myself to ten films, and I had done it until I realised I had left UP of the list. By hat point there wasn't anything I could take out so 11 it shall have to be.

1. MOON - Stunning debut from Duncan "Zowie Bowie" Jones and the performance(s) of a lifetime by Sam Rockwell

2. LET THE RIGHT ONE IN - The perfect antidote to the Twilight films

3. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER - Best romantic comedy since High Fidelity

4. STAR TREK - What the Star Wars prequels should have been!

5. AVATAR - Cinema will never be the same thanks to the "King Of The World". Plot & screenplay problems aside, this must be seen in 3D on the biggest screen possible.

6. IN THE LOOP - There hasn't been a funnier film this year. Malcolm Tucker is a legend!

7. INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS - A return to form by Tarantino

8. FANTASTIC MR. FOX - A cussing good movie

9. A SERIOUS MAN - Seriously good but that ending will piss off a lot of people

10. PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Scariest movie since The Descent

11. UP - Pixar can do no wrong (except for Cars!)

Agree? Disagree? Let me know your favourite films of the year.


  1. Cars was terrible wasn't it. Even that lovely Paul Newman couldn't save it.