Monday, 7 December 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 83

445 - Dumb And Dumber - 2! stars
I didn't find this film as funny as I remember (despite some of the best laxative acting I've ever seen by Jeff Daniels).
I do a question about the film though, which was dumb and which one was dumber?
I've been a fan of Carrey since Ace Ventura but feel that his comic talents have been used to better effect in films like The Mask or Liar Liar. There was certainly no hint in this film that he was capable of dramatic roles like Truman Show/Eternal Sunshine.
This film was supposedly the birth of the gross-out comedy genre but I would give that claim to the Farrelly's third film There's Something About Mary and Cameron's 'hair gel'.

468 - The Crow - 3 stars
Everything about this film is an Emo or Goth's wet dream, from the story (about a man who rises from the dead to avenge the death of his fiancee), to the production design, to the soundtrack to the especially given the tragic circumstances surrounding the film's production and the death of Brandon Lee.
It was upsetting to notice similarities between Brandon Lee and Heath Ledger while watching this film. Both died before truly achieving their potential, and both of their most iconic roles were playing comic book characters wearing facepaint.

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