Friday, 9 April 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 205

327 - Un Chein Andalou - 4 stars
From the minds of surrealistic director Luis Bunuel and Salivdor Dali came this short film about dreams and also a two finger salute to poet Federico Lorca, himself an Andalousian.
Infamous for the eyeball slicing scene, which is still difficult to watch even when you know it was a dead horse's eye, there is so much more imagery in this film that is beautiful yet utterly bonkers; ants coming out of a man's hand, a man dragging two pianos with dead horses on them.
What does it all mean? Answers on a postcard please, all I know for sure is that I liked it, even if I don't know why!

417 - Lords Of Dogtown - 2 stars
I am baffled as to why this film is on the list when skateboard fans should have chosen the superior documentary Dogtown & The Z Boys.
The only benefit of having a fictionalised version of the same story is a great stoner performance from Heath Ledger.
My advice is to seek out the original documentary for a true look at the rise of the Z Boys who made huge waves in the world of skateboarding.

Days remaining - 160 Films remaining - 207

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