Friday, 23 April 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 219

222 - Mother And Son - 1 star
This is a film about a son looking after his dying mum.  I'm not really spoiling the film by summing up the movie by saying: she dies, he cries, the end.
Never has 73 minutes of my life passed so slowly.  By comparison a film like Downfall at 152 minutes fly by.
Mother And Son was minimalist on dialogue but heavy on lingering shots of M&S lying on the bed, M&S sitting in the woods, S carrying M along the road.
There was one point where there was a very odd look between the two where I honestly thought they were going to kiss!
The biggest problem for me with the film was that I couldn't give a damn about the characters therefore had no emotional response to the outcome other than sheer boredom, even at the hint that the son was so distraught that he might commit suicide.

Days remaining - 146 Films remaining - 183

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