Tuesday, 20 April 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 216

182 - Performance - 1 star
I couldn't find anything to like about this film, which I did find slightly odd since Nic Roeg made Don't Look Now which is a 5 star film on this blog.
A hideous, psychadelic mess with with James Fox's gangster enforcer forced to hide out in a grungy London flat with Mick Jagger as his groovy artist landlord.
Mick Jagger apparently got a lot of praise for his performance in this film but I just thought he was being Mick Jagger.
45 - Psycho - 5 stars
Full review to follow...
178 - Superman: The Movie - 4 stars
Not the original Superhero movie (that honour goes to the Adam West Batman film) but the one that set the bar and made people believe that a man could fly.
Similar to Anthony Perkins and Norman Bates, Christopher Reeve found that while he got the role of a lifetime in Superman, he was also unable to escape from the huge shadow cast by the flowing cape. There might be a reason for that, as is he excellent in the role, managing to get the nervy Kent down just right which is very difficult to do when he is such a big, physical guy. He also has great chemistry with Margot Kidder as Lois Lane.
I keep forgetting how long this film is, with the whole origin story of Krypton (cleverly setting up the sequel storyline of Zod) and Smallville playing out and 40+ minutes pass before a grown up Clark Kent appears and dons the famous suit for the first time.
With the sequels effectively ending the franchise until Bryan Singer's misguided reboot, it is clear to me that the film's guiding light was Richard Donner. Unfairly fired halfway through making the sequel and proof is in the superior Director's Cut of Superman II.
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