Friday, 30 April 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 226

478 - Flesh - 1 star
A Warhol inspired fly-on-the-wall look at a day in the life of a male gigolo hustling on the streets on New York, and the people he meets along the way; cutomers, other gigolos, his wife and kid.
A project that was born of its time and place that possibly blurred the lines between fact and fiction, but this was tedious and tasteless and at one point borderline offensive. A woman claims to have not minded being raped because she got her power back by doing a topless dance for one of her attackers later on. Go girl power!
And it's certainly called Flesh for a reason, as it begins with a long scene of full frontal nudity of the main character Joe, including an erection which I believed wasn't allowed outside the realms of porn (Being shown on film of course, not in real life, as erections are part and parcel of that).
98 - North By Northwest - 5 stars
Move over Psycho, I might just have found my new favourite Hitchcock film.
All things considered, this is probably Hitch at his most enjoyable. It has everything you want from a film.
You've got comedy with Cary Grant playing drunk (in a classic old-school movie star performance full of charisma and wit), and the aburdity of the 'wrong man' scenario when Grant is interrogated by the bad guys as they just think he's acting innocent.
You've got action with the crop duster chase and Mount Rushmore climax.
You've got romance in the sizzling chemistry between Cary Grant and Eve Marie Saint. The dialogue during the lunch on the train is some of the most innuendo-filled banter that you can get away with without descending into outright filth. Example: "I'm a big girl you know", "Yes, and in all the right places", Zing!

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