Thursday, 3 June 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 261

213 - Songs From The Second Floor - 2 stars
Filmed by an unmoving camera in a series of individual episodes or sketches, this is an incredibly bizarre Swedish film that I'm still not entirely sure what it is all about.
I suspect it might have to do with the disintegration of society during an apocalypse but I might be wrong.

76 - Manhattan - 4 stars
It's hard to believe that Woody Allen thought this film was one of his worst efforts. The black and white cinematography is stunning and the opening monologue set to the music of Gershwin is one of the most iconic in cinema.
Once again the chemistry between Allen and Keaton is fantastic and a mature-beyond-her-years performance by Muriel Hemingway as Allen's young girlfriend.
As a total cynic... actually I would clasify myself as a 'hopeless romantic, in that I'm hopeless at romance... I prefer my love stories not to end with everything working out but to have that little element of doubt as to whether they will live happily ever after as that is more akin to real life.

161 - The Year Of Living Dangerously - 2 stars
Most famous for Linda Hunt winning Best Supporting Actress Oscar for playing Billy Kwan, a Chinese-Australian dwarf.
It does have a fair amount of steamy passion between Riggs and Ripley but their screen time together is too brief to truly care about their relationship.
Likewise, until the end there wasn't enough evidence of the 'living dangerously' for Gibson's journalist to fully emotionally connect to the struggle.

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