Sunday, 13 June 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 271

124 - A Woman Under The Influence - 2 stars
Gena Rowlands is the mentally unstable wife in this domestic melodrama but I personally felt that it was overplayed at times and became a caricature of 'crazy'.
Peter Falk aka Columbo himself is terrific and frightening as the husband who is unable to cope with her erratic behaviour.
Didn't need to be 2 hours 20 minutes long though.

153 - The Innocents - 3 stars
Are the children possessed or is Deborah Kerr just as crazy as a box of hallucegenic frogs? You decide. The ending is left unclear and open to interpretation but I have to say that I was disappointed by this film after it being billed as Britain's greatest chiller.
For me the best British ghost story is not found on screen but on stage in London in the form of The Woman In Black. An absolute must see!

134 - Se7en - 5 stars
It marked the arrival of David Fincher on the Hollywood radar, as some seemed to ignore/overlook Alien 3.
The seven deadly sins have probably been done before as a motive for a serial killer, but never as well as this.
Kevin Spacey is pitch perfect as John Doe, so calm and precise in his actions he leaves a memorable and chilling impression, even though we only meet see him for the last twenty minute of the film. I love his retort to Freeman when he sees a dead dog on the road, "I didn't do it".
Between this, The Usual Suspects and Swimming With Sharks, 1995 was th year that turned him into a star.
This film is dark and gloomy, emphasised by the constant rain (although interestingly it disappears when Doe finally reveals himself and his master plan), so don't go in expecting a happy ending. I have just four words for you... "What's In The Box?"

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