Thursday, 11 March 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 176

129 - Harvey - 3 stars
Another Jimmy Stewart classic, I seem to be watching a lot of them recently, and a quintessentially charming and eccentric performance as Elliot P. Dowd ("here, let me give you one of my cards. Now if you should want to call me use this number, this other one is the old one."). Dowd is a man who causes great worry for his relatives because he enjoys a drink and is friends with a 6 foot 3&1/2 inches tall invisible white rabbit called Harvey. A truly great performance from Stewart that is funny, caring, subtle and believable.
A fine supporting cast and a witty script makes for a lovely way to spend an afternoon with Harvey the invisible rabbit, and an intersting tak on the notion of mental illness.

279 - National Lampoon's Animal House - 3 stars
The film that spawned a thousand American Pie's, Old School's, and Van Wilder's, but even after 20 years it's still funny.
Never seen it before and was under the assumption, generated by all the footage that is on the '100 funniest movie clip shows', that John Belushi's Bluto was the star of the show, but really only plays a supporting role. It is very much an ensemble comedy with most members of the Delta house getting a chance to shine.
Anyone else feel that Tim Matheson (Otter) seemed to have a young Paul Rudd vibe about him?
Also has the distinction of being Kevin Bacon's first film role... let Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon begin!

Days remaining - 189 Films remaining - 242

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