Sunday, 21 March 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 185

67 - Tokyo Story - 4 stars
Sometimes I regret being part of the MTV generation, living in a world of Bourne Ultimatum-style fast cutting movies. My patience for the slowly drawn out drama has subsided in recent years.
But that actually helps, in retrospect, to appreciate this movie more.
This film is all about highlighting the differences between generations, the old and the new.
An old couple leave their quiet, quaint hometown to visit their grown-up children in the hustle and bustle of thriving Tokyo following the second world war.
Then soon realise that they are being left behind as the world moves on and even their own kids don't have time for them.
While I did find the film very poorly paced, there is doubting its power, as it really does affect you and makes you think about your own family and your relationships with your parents; Do I speak to them enough? Am I a disappointment to them? (Something I have always worried about considering my dad was a doctor, mother a biology teacher and sister a pharmacist. Here's me running a cinema... quite a difference in career paths!)
These feelings are increased at the climax of the film. I wouldn't call it a twist, more a plot development but you could see it coming but suffice to say, not one to watch on Mother's Day!

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