Monday, 29 March 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 194

190 - Eraserhead - 4 stars
I really wasn't sure how to approach reviewing this film, how does anyone? Although I knew that it wouldn't involve any in-depth plot analysis because that would be pointless with Eraserhead; the ultimate student art film, the whole thing being a giant surrealistic nightmare.
It defined Lynch as a filmmaker in that it defies explanantion and totally bonkers.
The thing that struck me during this viewing was the tremendous sound design on the film. From sound effects to the ambient score, it is simply wonderful and of the films strongest elements.
Twas my second viewing of the film and I still can't figure out how Lynch created the 'baby'. It seems so real, which is an odd thing to say about an obviously mutant baby, but between the noises and the animatronic it really feels alive.
One point, the last scene with the baby mutating into a giant head is something that shouldn't be the last thing that you watch before going to bed!

Days remaining - 171 Films remaining - 221

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