Wednesday, 16 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire: Day 1

The challenge is underway and already three films down.

500 - Ocean's Eleven - 4 stars
Forgotten how smart and slick this blockbuster was.  Great dialogue, cool soundtrack and more star power than a Bob Geldof charity single.  Shame about the sequels though.

499 - Saw - 2 stars
Not as good as I remembered.  Terrific premise and awesome score by Charlie Clouser but some terrible acting.  Was originally blown away by the twist at the end.  Guess its like Brian Cox's Robert McKee said in Adaptation... "Wow them in the end and you've got a hit".

Two films in and already I'm thinking that working down the list in numerical order would be boring, and involve a lot of hanging around waiting for DVDs to arrive.
Instead I'll take a magical mystery tour through the list moving from film to film by finding a link between them.  Kind of like a 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' way (although he is not well represented in the list, but I did see JFK somewhere on it, no Tremors unfortunately).

So from Saw with that cool twist to a film that became defined by its twist...

332 - The Sixth Sense - 3 stars
Difficult to review it after the impact of that first initial viewing and the resultant twist (which I had seen coming).  So does it stand up to multiple viewings?  Well its no Fight Club, but the script is still very clever and Bruce Willis deserved more praise for performance, proving he is more than just John McClane.

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