Friday, 4 September 2009

The Anti Rom-Com

Recently the Romantic Comedy genre has become with insiped drivel like The Proposal, The Ugly Truth, New In Town, 27 Dresses, etc, etc. These colour-by-number films feature all the classic cliches that you expect from a Richard Curtis movie, and you can tell how it will end before you've finished watching the trailers.

That is why it was so refreshing to watch (500) Days Of Summer this week. It begins as the usual boy-meets-girl story but shifts in time constantly to show a relationship that might not be all that it seems. Full of lots of glorious little touches (the 'morning after the night before' dance being a highlight) and scenes that everyone can recognise from their own lives; it fits in the new genre of the Anti-Rom-Com - a film that puts a twist on a familiar formula to create something that appeals to both sexes and shows that love is not always all around.

Here is a list of my Top 5 Anti-Rom-Coms:

1. High Fidelity
2. (500) Days Of Summer
3. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
4. Swingers
5. Shaun Of The Dead - The original Rom-Zom-Com.

and favourite Rom Com of all time: When Harry Met Sally

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