Tuesday, 29 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 14

A busy day today, working with Neil G, my operations manager, on some events ideas to give us an edge over the new Cineworld opening at the end of October.  We have to embrace our independent, alternative spirit by providing cool, unique events.  One idea was for a Lebowski-Fest style evening with some Wii bowling and White Russians in the bar followed by the film.  Anyone up for that?
Have started to get some comments posted on the blog.  Nice to know that people out there are taking an interest in my little project, with comments coming from as far as America.
Was very excited to read a comment left by Chris Hewitt.  Yes, Chris Hewitt of Empire magazine!  It turns out that someone following my progress on Twitter, forwarded it to Empire and they had a look at this blog and left a message of support, hoping I don't go too mad over the course of the quest.
Had the pleasure of meeting Chris and some of the Empire staff at the Movie-Con weekend in August, where I established my geek credentials by winning the Kim Newman 'Basterd-Hard' Movie Quiz.  Will be nearing the end of the challenge by August next year, but really hope to get to the next Movie-Con to try and retain my crown.
But I digress, back to the small matter of trying to watch films on the list:

337 - 300 - 3 stars
Zack Synder followed up the excellent remake of Dawn Of The Dead with this visually stunning, ab-ripping take on Frank Miller's graphic novel, paving the way for Watchmen.  Michael Fassbender was in this film, doing a yo-yo Christian Bale style diet to go from this to Hunger!  Gerard Butler is simply awesome in the role of Leonidas, so much so that you can't imagine anyone being able to scream "This is SPARTA!".  But it is essentially 2 hours of men fighting in their pants!!!


  1. Lebowski-fest sounds like a genius idea! I'll be up for that, and I know others that will be too!

  2. Just wanted to say Hi. I'm doing a very similar filmic challenge to you. Only far slower. Seeing your one year deadline has boosted me to up my game a little.

    Well done on getting Empire's attention though! Kudos.

    Wish you the best of luck and if you can get your hands on a copy of #243 Heimat let me know!

    Really enjoying my meander through the list though - real cultural eye opener.

    Stay in touch
    aka Captain James Amazing

  3. Hey Dallas

    This is good stuff - keep it going! I like the picture of you in this months Empire by the way - cheesy but cool.

    I'll be up North very soon and hopefully catch you then...