Thursday, 1 October 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 15

Day 15 was spent getting our new brochure ready, selecting the films we're going to show in Oct/Nov.  Now some might consider it a slight abuse of power but I've managed to get a few of the 500 greatest films into the brochure!  But with the new Cineworld opening soon, we are going to be competing against 26 multiplex screens showing all the big blockbusters, so it is important to diversify and get some classic films onto the big screen.
So look out for Bugsy Malone, Midnight Cowboy, American Werewolf In London, a Wes Anderson season and the daddy of the list... the digital re-release of The Godfather!
Everyone is welcome to come along to The Belmont and join in the challenge.

After a few days of intensive work on the upcoming fight with the new Cineworld (now dubbed Operation Braveheart: They may take our lives, but they'll never take our customers), went out for a few beers and a curry with my boss.
What I forgot is that the combination of beer + curry makes you very sleepy so when I got home and put on School of Rock to watch... I feel asleep halfway through so I'll need to try it again tomorrow!

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