Thursday, 1 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 16

So after last night's false start I got up (slightly hungover) and watched the whole of:

School Of Rock - 3 stars
Just like Gerard Butler and 300 being a perfect fit, Jack Black was born to play the part of Dewey Finn.  It's a tour-de-force of manic, wild energy combined with the musical talents he displayed with Tenacious D (albeit with having to tone down the language for this family film).
Great soundtrack and child actors you don't want to punch add to the hugely enjoyable yet slightly predictable story.

Popped into work to help out with the near sell-out live satellite performance of the NT production of All's Well That Ends Well.  The healthy turnout for this type of screening bodes well for the future when more events like theatre and music concerts will be screened live via satellite into cinemas.

Got home to find a new Lovefilm disc waiting for me:

299 - The Palm Beach Story - 2 stars
Apparently this is a screwball comedy but I couldn't find the comedy in it as I didn't laugh once watching this tale of a woman going on a farcical trip to Florida to get a divorce, all the while taking advantage of the kindness of older gentlemen.  Instantly forgettable.

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