Thursday, 15 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 29

Another day of sun, swim but no sangria due to more alcohol-triggered migraines!

345 - Fatal Attraction - 2 stars
How do you measure the success of a film? Is it how many Oscars it wins? Is it how much money it makes at the box office? Or how well it permeates the public zeitgeist?
For while the film has dated quite badly (Poodle perms always will unfortunately) and it seems awfully cliched (perhaps it invented some of those cliches) and pedestrianly paced after a fast setup, but for the last 22 years it has provided us with two words frequently to describe a troubled ex, "bunny boiler". It's amazing that one tiny scene could become so ingrained in the social conciousness.
Hollywood showed that for every Sally Albright, there is an Alex Forest. Any man should realise that if a woman cuts her wrists on the second date, this won't have a happy ending!

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