Friday, 2 October 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 17

Friday is always a busy day as it is new release day in the cinemas, although today the busiest film was the one we've been screening for four weeks now, Julie & Julia. Things seem to work differently in an arthouse cinema!

Got home from work to discover Fisher King was on More 4 and Matrix on ITV2 but both had already started, bloody typical. So to the DVD collection it was and plucked MIB out of the pile, for the simple reason that it was only 98 minutes long and I have a 14 hour shift tomorrow and didn't want to be up too late!

409 - Men In Black - 3 stars
Funny to think that in 1997, Will Smith was still escaping the "Fresh Prince" tag and it was the back-to-back success of Independence Day and this film that made him the biggest star in the world, and here he is playing sidekick to Tommy Lee Jones's K, with Jones proving adept at comedy, something he hadn't really showcased before.

It's probably been 10 years since I saw this film. Looking at it now, with a young hip black new recruit and a crusty white guy who is getting too old for this sh*t, is MIB really a role reversal, child friendly Lethal Weapon with aliens? All it would need is an alien screaming that they have "Diplomatic Immunity".


  1. Crikey you are right, will amend my post at once!

  2. Dallas I am absolutely loving your blog! Last year I tried to work my way through imdb's top 101 (at that time) but gave up after about 4 films because so many of them I had zero interest in watching or re-watching.

    Looking forward to following your progress throughout the year. You may also like this blog (also from Aberdeen, watches lots at your cinema!)

  3. What's the reaction of Julie & Julia in the UK? Most of the people I talk to around here (Florida) think the Julia Child part rocked while the Julie part (with Amy Adams) was whiny and really kind of sucked. I would have loved it to be all Julia Child. Meryl Streep was awesome. Even though she looks nothing like JC, I completely forgot it after a while and thought I was actually watching the real thing.

  4. Reaction has been positive, we've been playing it for nearly five weeks now. Thanks to Mamma Mia, us Brits love Miss Streep even more now. The general agreement over here is that the Julia Child storyline is much better. Meryl will bag another Oscar nomination for sure. Streep and Tucci together again are a joy to watch, "Gird your loins". I'll admit that Devil Wears Prada is a guilty pleasure of mine, the wonderful Emily Blunt steals the show.