Friday, 9 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 24

Keeping it short and sweet today, just one flick:

309 - Transformers - 3 stars
I remember seeing the fantastic advert for Citroen with the transforming car dancing like Justin Timberlake and thinking it won't be long before they make a Transformers movie.  And lo and behold, a couple of months later production had started.
I really enjoyed this movie as a Ronseal film, as in it does exactly what it says on the tin: robots, check, explosions, check, etc, etc.  It's actually one of Michael Bay's more restrained efforts (until the last half hour anyway when it has too many close ups of the robots and you can't tell what the hell is going on!) that manages to pack in an equal amount of laughs, explosions and the gorgeous Megan Fox.  The moment she bends over the engine of the car was as big 'a star is born' moment as when Cameron Diaz stood up in The Mask.
The one thing that bugged me though *spoiler warning* is how Josh Duhamel's soldier actually managed to survive the movie when his first line was "I just can't wait to hold my baby girl for the first time"... that is the kiss of death in a war movie!
Having said all that though I do think it is much higher on the list than it deserves, 309? really?  Didn't anyone watch Revenge Of The Fallen?  A film so bad even IMAX couldn't polish the $200 million turd Bay took on screen.  A bad case of suffering Pirates sequelitis, where they just take everything that worked in the first movie and put even more of it in the second one. Grrr.

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