Friday, 30 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 44

We had a Gangsters & Molls evening at The Belmont with the bar being turned into Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy. After getting dressed up in my best suit, tie, braces and trilby and sipping on a tasty Sazarac it was time to settle down and watch the movie.

373 - Bugsy Malone - 3 stars
Bonus points go to whoever came up with the idea to do gangsters with kids, inspired thinking that gave birth to one of cinema's coolest weapons - the splurge gun.
Some great songs in this movie; Bad Guys, Give A Little Love, etc - but the problem is I can't say "performed" by the cast as they were dubbed by adults! Which brings me to the "acting". I think it is easy to see why Jodie Foster was the only one to become a star... oh, and Dexter Fletcher of course!
Yes, most of the "acting" is not very good and there are several mistakes like people staring into the camera, mis-steps in the dances but amazingly it all adds to its charm. It's like the ultimate school show brought to the silver screen... in spite of some worrying sexual undertones to Tallulah's song (but I guess Jodie Foster would get used to that filming Taxi Driver soon after).

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