Thursday, 22 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 36

400 - The Incredibles - 4 stars
One line soundbyte for this film: It's like Watchmen for kids!
Both films feature heroes and society adjusting to life where the government has outlawed superheroes. Can the extraordinary be just ordinary?
Mr Incredible can't. He moonlights as a vigilante, helping people at night but soon ends up getting his family involved when his nemisis finds out where he is.
Jason Lee is one of the highlights as Syndrome, Mr Incredible's number one fan turned nemisis, even if he is more Bond villain than super villain given that his hideout is inside a volcano on a desert island, but brilliantly spoofs the idea of the villain monologing and given too much information away.
The film also ruins the idea of superheroes wearing capes. Cape = death.
The best superhero movie not based on a comic book.

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