Thursday, 29 October 2009

(500) Films of Empire - Day 43 - The horror, the horror...

Halloween is approaching (the film and the day) so to get into the spirit of things, it is time that I start working through the horror films on the list.

485 - The Wicker Man - 3 stars

Christopher Lee's personal favourite is at times bizarre yet undeniably a hugely influential film (see the plot of Hot Fuzz is very similar, the League of Gentlemen "you did it beautifully Tubbs", and many more), that has one of the most chilling endings in cinema history, "oh God, oh Jesus Christ!". Scotland has never seemed so terrifying than in this cat and mouse mystery to find a missing girl. Quick note about the remake. Many will write it off as a travesty, yes it is awful but I have seen it and would class it under the 'so utterly dreadful it is hilarious' category. Don't believe me, watch the highlights here!
482 - Scream - 4 stars
The film that breathed new life into the slasher genre and countless Halloween costumes is actually still very scary. The opening 15 minute sequence with Drew Barrymore is truly unsettling and introduced killers to their most useful weapon, the mobile phone.
In this film the characters have grown up watching horror movies and therefore know the rules of the genre... still doesn't help them from getting sliced and diced though.
A special mention is due for Jamie Kennedy's character Randy, the film geek who works in the video store. There has possibly never been a film character that is more like me in the history of cinema. Made me think my chances of survival are pretty high (until the sequel anyway!)
A victim of countless pretenders and spoofs but this remains a great horror movie because when it is scary, it really is scary!

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