Sunday, 27 September 2009

(500) Films Of Empire - Day 11 - A Day Off?

Apologies for the delay in posting Day 11 but it was a very late last night and I was too knackered to blog at 3.00 in the morning!
I had thought that yesterday was going to be my first day of the challenge without watching a film. I felt that I had made enough progress (25 films in 10 days) to have some downtime.
That involved an evening at the theatre to see some friends perform Bat Boy (a darkly comic horror musical that is NOT as I found out, a prequel to Batman!).
Before heading to the theatre I has dinner at Yatai, a local Japanese restaurant, with my friend Rachel, who was up from Edinburgh to see the show. Food was terrific but ended up being late for the show as the restaurant was really busy and we were waiting on the Waygu steak.
But it was worth the wait! Waygu steak comes from cows that are feed beer and get massaged to make the meat more tender, and boy does it work, mmmmm.
My friend John once ordered this type of steak in Benihana in London and ordered it well done. The chef looked at him with a stare that said, I will use my collection of knives to turn you into shish kebab!
Bat Boy didn't disappoint either. The show was excellent and the whole cast was terrific. Well done everyone involved.
Just when I thought I'd made the whole day without watching a film, a bonus awaited at home. Rachel was desperate to watch X Factor but it wasn't on till 1.45 so there was time to fit a movie in, huzzah. Took a while to decide on what to watch but we went with WALL-E as Rachel had never seen it before.

373 - WALL-E - 4 stars
I wasn't gushing over like everyone else when I saw it when it was first released. My enjoyment was I felt it was too preachy about the environmental stuff and lost some of its magic when the humans were introduced to the story (same problem with I Am Legend). However watching it again on Blu Ray, I was swept up in the visually stunning, silent love story between WALL-E and EVE . Rachel didn't see all of it, falling asleep halfway through but she saw the best bit as the first half is still stronger than the second but Pixar showed that there is no studio more capable of producing exceptional, original movies (those people who keep making remakes of horror movies should take note).

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