Thursday, 11 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 148

426 - Enduring Love - 2 stars
Daniel Craig plays a man who is involved in a hot air balloon accident that ends in the tragic death of a man. Obsessed with anaylsing the accident to find out if it could have been prevented, he becomes distant from his girlfriend yet at the same time more involved with a creepy stalker whose intentions are not clear.
Despite a good central performance by Daniel Craig, this is a bit of a mess really. It has the look and feel of a BBC TV series but they have tried to make it more mainstream by having some flashy camerawork and an loud substandard Psycho-esque score that is used to let the audience know that something creepy, tense or exciting is happening, all of which feels out of place with what should have been a small, modest film.
Then there is the problem that I have with the scene in the end credits. A scene that has no real purpose being in the film and doesn't answer any questions that we have about a certain character throughout the film. Wish I could say more but it would be entering spoiler territory and besides a lot of people seem to agree with me on the message boards on IMDB!

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