Saturday, 20 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 157

403 - Do The Right Thing - 3 stars
Rated as Spike Lee's best film but of the one's I have seen that honour would be bestowed upon The 25th Hour.
Whilst the film will not be everyone's cup of tea, Spike Lee is a talented writer and director, but it would be best if he stayed behind the camera as his limited acting skills are shown up when acting besides the likes of Tuturro, Aiello, Ossie Davis and Samual L. Jackson.
The main talking point of the film is whether Mookie does do the right thing? Racial tensions boil over in a Harlem neighbourhood when a black man is killed by police after fighting with Sal, the Italian-American who runs the local pizzeria. Mookie throws a trash can through the window of the pizza shop which is then destroyed by the angry mob, thus deflecting the violence that might have been directed towards the Italians. Did he mean to do this? Was it the right thing to do? Open to debate.
he film should be plauded for dealing with the issues in a different way it deserves to lose marks for being the film that introduced the irritating screen presences of Rosie Perez and Martin Lawrence!

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