Tuesday, 23 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 161

267 - Crimes And Misdemeanors - 2 stars
I didn't like this film as it was two different films in one yet struggled to find the right balance between the tones. One half was a drama about a doctor having his mistress murdered (Allen would revisit this in Match Point and do it better) and the usual Woody Allen has a mid-life crisis story.
As I've grown fond of this little ritual I present the best one liner from each Woody Allen film on the list. Here is this film's:
"Honey it was you who stopped sleeping with me, ok. It'll be a year come April 20th. I remember the date exactly because it was Hitler's birthday"

493 - In The Company Of Men - 2 stars
Aaron Eckhart plays a man with the blackest of hearts as he bullies another man into helping him emotionally destroy a deaf woman by having both of them date her then break up with her. Excellent performance from Eckhart (a very underrated actor) and a cruel look at the mysogyny of men but it is ultimately betrayed by its theatrical background by obviously being a series of two handers that is more suited to the stage.

Days remaining - 204 Films remaining - 266

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