Saturday, 27 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 164

313 - Battleship Potemkin - 4 stars
An excellent example of the power and importance of editing in film. It helps the story and unfold and can create mood and emotion within the film, and is especially in silent film - where editing and music are the two most important elements, particularly in the final scene where the Potemkin prepares to do battle with two other ships. The edited sequence is cut together flawlessly to deliver a really tense countdown to battle.
This propaganda film by Eisenstein that featured the mutiny of Odessa soldiers against their Tsarist officers is most famous for the Odessa steps sequence which would be homaged and parodied in several films including The Untouchables and Naked Gun 2&1/2.

Days remaining - 201 Films remaining - 261

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