Thursday, 25 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 162

271 - Pee Wee's Big Adventure - 1 star
Irritating, irritating, irritating...
This film lost me after about 5 minutes and nothing that followed was going to be able to change my mind (not even the Tequila dance).
I just found the character of Pee Wee Herman intensely irritating, and it was not due to the fact that a customer called me Pee Wee the other week when I wore a bow tie to work. He is so OTT and idiotic I couldn't engage with the character and couldn't give two sh*ts about his bike being stolen!
This was just an excuse to have Pee Wee set off on a road trip to Hollywood to rescue his bike (clearly Kevin Smith is a big fan of this as he ripped off most of the plot for Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back), where he meets an oh-so quirky array of characters before a mad cap chase through the Warner Brothers movie studio which results in them making a film of his story... ho delightfully post-modern.
This is one film on the list I will certainly NOT be watching again!

Days remaining - 203 Films remaining - 265

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