Thursday, 18 February 2010

(500) Films of Empire - Day 155

370 - Rocky - 3 stars
It has been years since I've seen Rocky but in the meantime I've seen some of the sequels countless times with plenty of having memorable moments, even if perhaps slightly guilty pleasures, whether it's Eye Of The Tiger, the Rumble in the Jungle style fight between Rocky and Mr. "I pity the fool" T, or Rocky stopping the Cold War all by himself in Rocky IV.
Looking back at Rocky compared to the sequels you realise that whilst the sequels were more about the boxing and the spectacle of the sport, the first film was about the man.
Rocky focuses on the lovable underdog as he trains for a once-in-a-lifetime shot against the Muhammad Ali-like smooth talking, hard hitting champion Apollo Creed, and also on his relationship with the shy, timid Adrian.
The boxing doesn't really get a look in until the big fight and then it only lasts 15 minutes as Rocky succeeds in lasting the distance against the champs, creating a cinematic sporting legend and spawning multiple sequels in the process.

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